Frightening things happen in life. Who calms your storm?

I had the chance to preach at our church last Sunday on fear. Hope it may be helpful to you!


Somebody always offers chocolate

I love snacks.

Particularly snacks with chocolate...or sugar...or really any kind of junk that fits in between the 3 squares a day.

Around the turn of the year I decided that I needed to change this habit. So along with cutting back my coffee intake, I lessened my junk eating during the day. I did this for numerous reasons (health, teeth, self-control, to support exercising instead of exercising to support snacking, etc.)

At first it was easy, as are most resolutions. But that lasted for a week and things got difficult.

You see, there always seems to be someone offering me chocolate. It could be at home, or most definitely at the office. And really, how can you say no?

But the truth is no matter what it is your're trying to quit or cut back on, there's always going to be someone offering you that very thing...often for free!

So I've learned to be ready, know what I'm going to eat before a situation...and act accordingly.

How do you deal with the tempting situations you face?