To prepare or not to prepare...

Last weekend we traveled with a group to a water/theme park 3 hours away. About to head down the cannonball slide (10 ft. drop in a tube then 8 ft. drop into pool), I thought, should I take off my sunglasses? The answer was yes, but I didn't and when you hit the water after dropping 18 ft. the glasses pop off your head. As I surfaced, I felt them go past my feet. The lifeguards whistled for me to move on as I attempted to get them. Fortunately the lifeguards make dives every 30 minutes and recovered my sunglasses as well as a 3 others.

Later that day our group decided to go on one more roller coaster ride (it had a loop and corkscrew). Having turned in my locker key, I took all my possessions with me to this final ride. I put my keys in my pocket and thought, should I leave these behind in my bag? The answer was yes, but I didn't and after two times through the coaster, including 6 times going upside-down...the keys were gone. Fortunately we had a spare set. I'm still waiting for the park to find them!

I got lucky in both instances...well, we had prepared for the loosing keys by bringing an extra set. But it brought back a statement made by Dr. Gerry Breshears during a recent sermon on Matthew 25.
"You can not borrow preparedness."
I joked with a co-worker that this should be her life quote because she lives by this and we succeed for it. In fact, when she's away, I've had to learn to make sure we're fully prepared with all the little details I think can wait, because in reality, they can't.

So what are you waiting on, procrastinating in? What are those things that I know I should prepare for but for whatever reason you haven't? A test, a meeting, an important conversation, a trip, the next stage in life...or as Dr. Breshears spoke on, ready for Jesus?

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