Big Arms

Isaiah flexing for the camera
My boy is a strong little guy. Yet not strong enough to do everything (nor much) for himself. Though he and we are learning how to adjust to life together, Alison and I want what's best for him, and we are here to help him.

Sometimes when he's crying, I'll wrap him up in my arms like I'm swaddling him, letting him know that I'm right there protecting him, working for his best, solving his problems. And yet, he cries. I imagine now that it must be hard as a parent to watch your kids bang their head against the wall so to speak as they try to solve problems in the wrong way. Because you know their needs, you know how to protect them.

And yet, it reminds me of our Father, the one who holds us in His big arms. Yet I squirm and fuss, trying to solve my own problems, forgetting I'm in His hands.

Check out this video of J.J. Heller singing Your Hands.

May we remember to rely on our Strong Tower (Psalm 46), and rest in His big arms.

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