Isaiah smiling!

It's hard to believe that he's already one month old!


Chosen & Given

We have many relationships with others in life—some chosen, and some given.

My relationship with my wife Alison was chosen. After some time of knowing her we chose to date. After some time of dating we chose to become engaged. And after being engaged, we chose to take it all the way with marriage. It's a great thing! We love each other and chose to commit to life together as husband and wife. I chose to marry her and stay with her knowing her gifting and the things that irritate, knowing what she likes and doesn't. I chose her, and thankfully, she chose me back!

My relationship with my son Isaiah was given. Sure, Alison and I had the desire for a child, but everything about this relationship is given. I didn't choose Isaiah knowing what he likes and what drives him crazy. I don't know what his gifting or the things that irritate me will be. I don't know if he'll like to play music, sports, video games, or just play in the dirt. With Isaiah, I get who I get. I get who he is.

One must decide well with the chosen relationship of marriage so they can face their given relationships—with all the late nights, rude awakenings, poopy diapers, and great joy—fully unified and confident in running the whole race, side by side.

And yes, I chose well!


Big Arms

Isaiah flexing for the camera
My boy is a strong little guy. Yet not strong enough to do everything (nor much) for himself. Though he and we are learning how to adjust to life together, Alison and I want what's best for him, and we are here to help him.

Sometimes when he's crying, I'll wrap him up in my arms like I'm swaddling him, letting him know that I'm right there protecting him, working for his best, solving his problems. And yet, he cries. I imagine now that it must be hard as a parent to watch your kids bang their head against the wall so to speak as they try to solve problems in the wrong way. Because you know their needs, you know how to protect them.

And yet, it reminds me of our Father, the one who holds us in His big arms. Yet I squirm and fuss, trying to solve my own problems, forgetting I'm in His hands.

Check out this video of J.J. Heller singing Your Hands.

May we remember to rely on our Strong Tower (Psalm 46), and rest in His big arms.


Nothing & Everything Changes

There isn't much better than being a parent. I've been told this by many, but now having an almost week-old son,  I know they're right!

Isaiah Aaron Geist was born Monday, September 27, 2010 at 10:34pm, weighing in at 9lbs, 1oz. and measuring  20 1/2". He is a joy and a blessing, just like Psalm 127:3 "Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him."

It's amazing to me how this small (yet very big) event changed nothing and everything all at once. You see having a child changed nothing about me: I'm still as selfish, have the same fears, passions, desires, I didn't magically learn a new song to sing.

And yet, everything changed: There are now three in our home, my schedule changed, I'm now a father and Alison is a mother, there's lots more all parties involved, and the rest of my life is going to be different.

And all this happened in an instant.


A surprise gift from mom

I received a surprise gift of my mom's creativity and handiwork today, created in 1982. Apparently she actually painted/did calligraphy of this scripture for many new moms and their babies. This one was given to Vicki at our church for the birth of her son.

Today, Vicki paid it forward, so to speak, and gave this calligraphy in a new frame to Alison and I. We'll hang it above our changing table and remember to pass my mom's legacy down to our son.

Thank you Vicki!


Crater Lake 2010

With more pictures to come, check out a glimpse of our family's trip to Crater Lake.


Benham Falls

Here we are in Sunriver, enjoying the sun where it's actually cooler than Portland. Crazy! Here Larry, Patrick and I ride the trails to Benham Falls. It was pretty fun. We took the trail with many rocks, branches and hills on the way for a total of 12.2 miles. Thank goodness for mountain bikes and low gears!


It's gonna be a boy!

Many moments, big and small alike, have passed by since the last entry here on this blog. While I could go into excuses about why not, or promises on how this digital chronicler will be filled soon again...I won't.

Yet, this moment is too big to pass. Yes, if your eyes drifted downward already, you've seen the ultrasound of my (wait my? I'm going to be a dad?!) child. The cool thing about this ultrasound—taken May 3—is that while I've not posted the revealing photo, this 20-week scan shows that we are going to have a son! How crazy is that?!
I'm sure I'll have more to post promises!