Birthday song

Now that I can take video with the phone, I thought I'd get one of
Alison bringing my birthday cup cake, but she grabbed the camera and
key shooting.

March - June Recap

What a ride! I'm beginning to wonder if life ever stops changing and settles into a routine. I don't think it does, but it's sure been good overall. Here's a snapshot of the busy & life-changing past season.

Moving on: Just as the 30 Hour Famine ended, my friend, mentor & boss, Brian Eberly, moved on from his role as youth pastor at Grace Point into the unknown of what comes next. Though I miss working closely with him, he has settled down at Rock Harbor, Pastoring students there. I look forward to getting our groups together for local events!

Taxes: Taxes are never fun, but when your wife is a tax accountant, it's a whole new level. Mostly I just don't see her for 3 I was glad when April 15th came around and my Ali returned home.

Beach Retreat: As soon as tax season finished, I entered the full swing of Retreat Season...planning games, sessions and more. What a great time we had though, exploring the theme One. Check out the pictures.

Wedding: May 17 marked a new era in the lives of the Geist family. My dad, Dan married Denise in a hot church sanctuary with a beautifully decorated reception. It was a great weekend as my mom's family was in town and we got to enjoy seeing them too.

New Job: In June, our church voted to bring myself and one other gal on staff, me as the new youth pastor. It has been a great month so far...lots to do...lots of people who need Jesus daily...and a constant reminder of my own need.

Moving on Part 2: Thank goodness for technology! Just a week and half ago, my brother Andrew moved out to South Bend to get his Masters at Notre Dame. I am bummed to see him go but am glad to see him growing and moving on in life. I'm glad for technology because it has never been easier to keep in touch with those far away.

Camp Harlow: After being away from Camp Harlow for 10 plus years, I get to return, this time with a group of high schoolers eager to counsel their first group of day-campers. Wow...I remember my first time in '94 when I took the camp name Wet Willy for a Spring Break camp. That was so long ago, but an important experience in why I love ministry today.

New Decade: On Wednesday, I entered the land of those past their 30th year on this earth. I am truly glad to be here and look forward to the added wisdom and maturity that sometimes come with age. Of course, now I'm almost 20 years older than the 6th graders that just joined our mid-school group!

Moving: After 4 great years in this apartment of ours, Alison and I will move into my dad's house this Summer. It is the house I grew up in and helped build. What fun that will be!