30 Hour Famine

In just a few short hours, the students will begin to arrive for the 30 Hour Famine. We've already fasted for 4 hours and the hunger just began. I always dread the hunger, but the anticipation is the worst part. It makes me consider those in this world who don't know when that next meal will be on their plate. 30 hours is short compared to some the time others go without food.

I'm excited to fast with so many students who are raising funds for World Vision. I invite you to participate in giving alongside our students.

It should be a great weekend. I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Thanks for setting up the giving page!

  2. Aaron, Praying for the students and you leaders...may you hear the heart of God and stay sensitive to his speaking...

  3. 'But attending a "funeral" for one of those kids brings it home that I can act on behalf of one...and it makes a true difference in that one life.'

    That's so true. When I think about all of the people suffering in the world I feel... discouraged. So I need to keep things in perspective and remember what I can do help people, one person at a time.