Mexico - Day 8 Part 2

Whew! The long day is about over. I am already missing the kids and
the last day is not yet here. I'm currently putting the student's
pictures on my laptop so my train of thought may be more broken than

I drank my last cup if hot chocolate tonight. Some how, our group
downed 3 containers of the powdered drink mix. I blame Katie and her
hot chocolate shots.

VBS was good again but a bit more tough as we lost a few of our team
members to other projects. Tiling of the church continued today while
half the team poured a foundation of a house to be built in September.
In the afternoon, we finished grouting the main room of the church
while my dad tiles the back room.

We had church tonight in the new floor. They were so thankful and it
was just more evidence of God's provision in their lives. Cristian,
Caleb and Katie V share their testimonies tonight. They were powerful
and it as so wonderful to watch them me used. Zach, Caleb and I
helpped lead worship which finally seemed to to well. We did have to
figure out the guitar chord on our own and they were singing in keys
like Bb and Fminor. I got to preach tonight too. It was good but
always interesting when having your words translated.

Most of those feeling ill are better. Just one remaining with some
ickiness. Keep praying and we'll keep taking care.

Tomorrow is our last day of ministry. It wouldbe nice to stay longer.
Oh! And how could I forget?! I gave my first guitar lesson in Spanish
today! The gal who receive the guitar brought by Haley asked if I
chould play with her. I was able to teach her three new chords and
tune her guitar. It turns out that instead of chords and notes A B C D
etc... They use do re mix fa sol la ti! And their first note "do" is
our "C" ...crazy!

Till tomorrow

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