Mexico - Day 6

Ah the second week has begun. What a great day. We begun VBS by
inviting kids from around the villages. That was real fun...inviting
kids in Spanish and then leading a group of them down the street
toward the Church.

While inviting kids, we went to the house of the family we built fir
last year. It was wonderful seeing the living in the house. They even
invited us in for Coke and to see pictures she had from last year.
Later today, Zach, Caleb and Jacob went and invited them to church.
Hopefully they'll come on Wednesday.

We were presented with a need last week. The church is trying to
inatall a tile floor and only had 1/3 of the tiles necessary. Our team
donated the funds to purhase the remaining tiles an we began
installing them today. If all goes as planned, we will finish before
church on Wednesday night!

We feel prepared for tomorrow's VBS, but plans always change in
Mexico! Shannon did a great job teaching today and we're looking
forward to Haley teaching about Jonah and obeying God. About 40 kids
came today. Who knows how many more tomorrow!

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  1. Hey Aaron,
    I have been praying for you and the team. Sounds like you are doing a great job leading, and I can't wait to hear more stories, and see some pictures!