Mexico - Day 5

I got to bed last night late after lights out, so no time to post. At
least I went to bed thinking that God knew what He was doing. More on
that in a bit.

Yesterday was our day of rest. We had breakfast early then went to
church here in the village. Zach, Caleb and I accompanied their
worship on guitar. Haley and John both shared testimonies. It was
wonderful and blessed the church.

We then left to our laundrymat for the clothes washing for the week.
After a half hour of driving, we arrived to find out that of was
closed! That's okay ;) we asked where another nearrby one was. It was
mch smaller and we all had to partner up on washers so no one got as
many clothes clean as we had hoped. But hey! This is "Flexico" not
Mexico. :)

After laundry an lunch, we headed out to La Bufadora, a tourist
shopping area at a natural blowhole on the coast. It was a fun time.
Students bargained for the price they wanted on various items and and
I had some fresh churros. Good times.

We came back and had our group meeting. In our small groups we talked
about Ephesians 4, using our gifts an unity. You know how when you ask
God for patience, he gives you oppourtunities to be patient? Well, we
realized after our meeting that when you ask God to help you be
unified, He shows you where your disunity is. This is always one of
the hard parts on the trip. We're halfway through, many are tired,
many haven't been away from home this long and lived with this group
for so long. Add in the emotions of having just finished a house and
the thought of one more week to go and the disunity shows.

The good news is that God knows what he is doing. He uses this trip to
show us our rough edges, and then gives us the grace to smooth them
down. Both of those happened last night. I went to bed thanking God
for the day and am excited for what this week has in store. We begin
VBS today, so please pray for us!

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