Mexico - Day 4

I'm without cell service tonight for some reason, so this may not post
for a bit.

At last...the house is complete! What a joy it was to finish the hard
work and turn over the keys to the family. In reading Jeremiah this
week, he chided kings and people for doing nothing when they saw
injustice and opression. How amazing to work with a group of high
school students who do.

We were fed the most amazing lunch today: chicken with molé sauce,
homemade totillas and rice. Mmm mmm mmm! Molé is some sort of sauce
made of chocolate and spices. One of those things you wouldn't think
would be good but turns out to be incredible! Dinner of enchiladas
ended our eating.

Kathy led our discussion tonight. We talked about being able to "feed"
ourselves spiritually and about poverty. There was some wonderful
sharing about experiences with poverty and discussion about
contentment and need.

I can't wait to upload and share pictures with you all.

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