Mexico - Day 3

Tiredness set in today. It's 9:30 and I'm ready for the sack. My hot
chocolate and some good time to relax is keeping me awake right now.

We accomplished much today. Mudding, sanding, roofing and trim are all
nearly done. Those tasks should be finished within the first hour as
painting begins tomorrow. We look forward to dedicating the house. The
students went to the dollar store tonight to purchase house warming
items: soap, kitchen utinsels, backpacks and lightbulbs...

We took a trip after diner to Comercial Mexicana for some supplies and
good ol Mexican pastries. That was fun being in a local supermarket.

The time is flying by so quick. We encouraged the students to make the
most of every opportunity and remember who this trip is for.

What a great atmosphere right now. A circle of backrubs after the long
days work, a card game, shared cinveraations over hot chocolate,
writing in encouragement journals and a few sitting outside in a
"quiet" Mexican night. No night is complete without the dogs,
roosters, ATV backfires and the baseball game down the hill.

It's quiet down time in ten minutes and bed in forty. What a Gloria a Dios!

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