Mexico - Day 2

Great day! We just celebrated a student's birthday with a homemade
cake following an incredible tamale dinner. Got to love the food!

Today was wonderful. We just about finished the roof, electrified and
sheetrocked the house. The family is helping and is so appreciative.
It is so cool that God is using us to do His work! We met even more
neighborhood kids today and it is so fun to play with them. Thy are so
content with so little.

Our team is full of great workers. I am so glad to be a part of it.

Today, a van pulled up at the church across the street from where we
are building. It said Portland OR on the side. I asked if they were
tom Portland and ten realized that I went I school with the guy! Here
he was brining down a group from Mosaic church to do a VBS at this
church...El Roca Fuerte...the solid rock!

Well, it's time for cards encouragement journals and then the
wonderful bed.

Till tomorrow.


  1. mmmmh...cake and tamales!

    Good stuff all around.

  2. Dude...I can't even believe how fast you guys are getting that house up this year! You all are a well oiled machine!

    Your killing me with the tamales comment! Enjoy!!

    Everyone in the office enjoyed reading your blog this morning!

  3. I just found this! Gracias! Been missing mi hija Haley so it's great to know how the trip is going. I'll contribute to the data costs fund! <><