Mexico - Day 1

Wow! What a great day full of laughter and surprises and joy. Typing
on my phone isn't condusive to a long blog recap but I'll try to give
the hilghlights.

We framed and put siding on the whole house today...very encouraging.
We are having a lot of fun too while working. Each team member is
encouraging one another and working hard. I got a pretty good sun burn
on my lower back. Must remember to wear a longer shirt tomorrow!

We just finished small groups after a service at the local church. It
seems that God is blessing them and they are excited to have us here.
It gave me so much joy to see children that I met last year! This
place is a place of peace.

We're all pretty tired from the long day, relaxing now, playing games,
writing in journals and listening to music before our 10:30
appointment with the dorms.

Well, hope all is well in the states. And Steve, if you're reading
this, CMac says hi.

Dios le bendiga


  1. Sounds awesome! What an amazing trip...I'm somewhat jealous. Maybe Jon and I will join you guys next year...?

  2. What a great first day! I'm encouraged by all you got done and the spirit of the team.


  3. Glad to hear things are going well. We are praying.

  4. So cool to hear about the trip!! Gotta love technology. Please take an extra 2 bites of your Mexican meal for me and Patrick :)