Mexico - Day 2

Great day! We just celebrated a student's birthday with a homemade
cake following an incredible tamale dinner. Got to love the food!

Today was wonderful. We just about finished the roof, electrified and
sheetrocked the house. The family is helping and is so appreciative.
It is so cool that God is using us to do His work! We met even more
neighborhood kids today and it is so fun to play with them. Thy are so
content with so little.

Our team is full of great workers. I am so glad to be a part of it.

Today, a van pulled up at the church across the street from where we
are building. It said Portland OR on the side. I asked if they were
tom Portland and ten realized that I went I school with the guy! Here
he was brining down a group from Mosaic church to do a VBS at this
church...El Roca Fuerte...the solid rock!

Well, it's time for cards encouragement journals and then the
wonderful bed.

Till tomorrow.


Mexico - Day 1

Wow! What a great day full of laughter and surprises and joy. Typing
on my phone isn't condusive to a long blog recap but I'll try to give
the hilghlights.

We framed and put siding on the whole house today...very encouraging.
We are having a lot of fun too while working. Each team member is
encouraging one another and working hard. I got a pretty good sun burn
on my lower back. Must remember to wear a longer shirt tomorrow!

We just finished small groups after a service at the local church. It
seems that God is blessing them and they are excited to have us here.
It gave me so much joy to see children that I met last year! This
place is a place of peace.

We're all pretty tired from the long day, relaxing now, playing games,
writing in journals and listening to music before our 10:30
appointment with the dorms.

Well, hope all is well in the states. And Steve, if you're reading
this, CMac says hi.

Dios le bendiga


Off to Mexico!

My Dad, Alison and I are in the car driven by my sister heading for
the airport. 22 of us from our church will fly to San Diego, then
drive to Ensenada for nine days of serving the church in Mexico and
aiding some local missionary friends. We will build a house for a
family in need, help lead a VBS, participate in a local 'store' where
the food and clothing ate given away, and learn like crazy!

Pray for us that God would use this experience to grow us up in our
faith. Pray for those we minister to and with.

I have limited data usage in Mexico before I run up a bill, but I will
try to send in updates to the blog.

Dios le bendiga!



Checking out the new Lifecast software formobile blogging. Seriously google...when is yours coming out?

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I'll have cup of coffee...minus the coffee

Thursday brought great weather and a fun trip with our mid-school group to Wild Waves in Federal Way, WA. After a cool time on the water slides and roller coasters, we headed back home, a three-hour journey.

Of course, we stopped at Starbucks so that our van drivers had the gusto for the trip. I ordered my favorite drink—a triple-grande-caramel-macchiato: Steamed milk, vanilla, caramel and of course the all important 3 shots of espresso.

The drink starts out sweet as you sip the caramel floating on the milk foam, then turns nice and bitter as you hit the milk & espresso, finishing sweet when you reach the caramel on the bottom.

After leaving the store and returning to the road, I noticed that the drink was staying a bit sweet for far too long. I began to suspect that they didn't put enough espresso in, or worse...none. Alison opened the cup and sure enough, a white drink.

NO COFFEE!!!??? What?

How do you order a Triple shot drink and receive none?

I could not believe it! We'll see what happens. I wrote Starbucks customer service. Maybe they'll give me a free drink :)