Las Vegas Photos

We made it home safe and are sad that vacation is over. Here's a small sampling of the photos we took on our trip. To see the pictures in their full size glory, go here:


From the Road: Jackpot!

Okay, so my title might not be quite correct, but we did make 0.5%
profit on thus outing. That's right...we put in $4 and ended up with
$4.02! Woohoo!


From the Road: "Breakfast"

We had the lunch buffet at the Luxor today, our actual anniversary.
We're in line to see an afternoon magic show-2 for the price of
kind of pricing. Oh...the line is moving. Got to go.


From the Road: In 'n Out

Remember how I said that it doesn't get much better than sleeping in
and so and so...? Well, it does. Vegas has seven area resturaunts and
we hit up the Henderson location on the way back from the Hoover dam.

From the Road: Hoover Dam

This phone picture doesn't do justice so expect more on this when we
get back home. But all I have to say is that it is pretty impressive!

From the Road: M&M's World

Yes there is such a place. And it is a marketing extravaganza.

Breakfast in Vegas

Nothing like sleeping in and enjoying a wonderful Belgian waffel with
Ali. The 80 degree weather doesn't hurt either. :)


Mi Amigos

Saturday night, Ali and I were treated to Kabobs made by Justin over at the Ubel's. It really doesn't get much better than a night with friends, our Goddaughter Brooklyn, great food, some backyard disc golf and a game of whist.

But alas, it is Monday morning, and I—as I'm sure everyone else in reach of the early Northwest Summer—am not ready to go back to work. I'd rather have another kabob.


Breakfast & "Mr. Buddy"

Ali and I took part in our traditional non youth event Saturday morning activity: Breakfast & Starbucks. With the weather being so nice, and us only wanting to be outside before it hit 80, we walked. I'm going to miss the hot drinks for the season, but I enjoyed my iced caramel macchiato, and Alison, her iced Americano, all of course while attempting the Saturday crossword.

You'll notice pictures from the walk of various flowers and of course, Mr. Buddy from our backyard. Alison named any squirrel we see Mr. Buddy, because they become our cat's buddy. He was up in the tree, a little angry that I was taking pictures of him instead of providing his morning diet of roasted peanuts.

Dinner and a walk

Alison and I used a gift card to enjoy Manzana's happy hour on Friday which helped us escape the 96 degree heat for the evening. Owning an air-conditioning unit that doesn't fit anywhere in our house is unfortunate to say the least. We enjoy the sun by day, but the heat makes us wish for the winter by night.

After dinner, we walked around Lake Oswego—which happens to look nothing like the portrayal from 24. It was beautiful, and gave us another chance to experiment with the camera and take pleasure in God's creation.


Photos Part 2

I just couldn't help myself! Here are a few more from around the apartment.

Back in the saddle

An eternity past once again. Life has been busy. This past month has been great, but with plenty of preparation. We took our High School group to the beach, had our first Mexico Mission training session, co-taught an Understanding & Parenting Teens seminar, alongside what just seemed to be a busy month anyway.

I'm sure I'll blog on all of these things soon, but alas, I've got some work still ahead of me today.

But, what I've got to share is our new camera. Prices on Canon's Rebel XT line are falling pending their discontinuation, and I've got a few friends with the same camera. Compound that with our 6 year old camera throwing a green swatch of pixels into every shot and it was time for an upgrade.

I'm not terribly well versed in the language of aperture, exposure, and shutter speed. But from what I know, I thought I'd try some shots in manual mode. What the heck! I mean, it's digital right?