Spring er...Winter Break

Yes, it's March 27th and it snowed last night. Not much, but enough too make this Oregonian very happy! Right now, I'm sitting at Starbucks watching inch-wide flakes fall in front of blossoming trees. It's one of those moments that can only stop and make you thank God for His beautiful creation!


The Weekend Update

I realize it's been a while since my last post, but, 'tis the season. Ali was involved in a wedding on Friday and Saturday, plus she/we made the picture slide show for the rehearsal dinner. It was a good time. Here is Ali standing by the wedding cake. Mmm mmm good.


En Route

On our way to a student's dance competition, Ali and I encountered the
beginnings of a thunderstorm. Before driving into the rain and hail, I
shot this photo capturing a quarter of a rainbow. It was about the
most intense rainbow I've seen and this image doesn't do it justice.
But what a beautiful sight!