Winter Continues

Though I'm sans spouse this weekend, today is wonderful due to the unexpected snow.

I woke up expecting a normal day, but when I opened the windows saw about an inch of snow! I was going to lounge around the house in Alison's absence, but couldn't resist going for a drive. I headed to the local Starbucks for a triple grande caramel macchiato and brought my Oregonian so I could do the crossword puzzle...outside! It was astounding.

After leaving Starbucks, I decided to head around town a bit to see what the snowfall was like elsewhere. In Portland, elevation determines everything when it comes to how much snow you get. Like I said, we got about an inch at our apartment which is about 500 ft. above sea level. I drove down the hill to about 200 ft. and it was a slushy/rainy mix...boring.

So I decided to make the trek all the way up to Council Crest Park at over 1000 ft. I'm sure glad I did! There were over 2 inches of snow there along with couples, kids and dads sledding, snow man making, and photographing the white powder.

I did slip a bit, even in the Subaru, but it was worth the beauty. Alison is lucky she wasn't around. I made a snowball that would have undoubtedly hit her.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm sad to have missed it.