Hot Eats, Cool Tr... Hot Eats

It's not often (if ever) I make a plug for food. But if you're in Tigard and looking for some lunch, go to Ole Ole. They have some of the best tacos around town! Pictured here is the chicken taco. They also have a great fish, asada, chorizzo, al pastor, and what I had today, the machaca taco. The machaca has shredded beef and egg...yes egg...very good. They also have good burritos, nachos, and dinner plates.

The only downside is that business seems to be slow. So please do what you can to support them so that my favorite lunch spot becomes a permanent fixture in our town. Our church staff is sure doing their best!

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  1. Yes....everyone please patronize Ole Ole!

    Man that taco looks good! Ole Ole for lunch tomorrow?