Bridgetown Prayer Walk

I've written about Bridgetown before here. Last Friday, I got to go down again and lead worship during the orientation time. It was a wonderful night and there were something like 140 volunteers there to feed, clothe, give haircuts, wash the feet of and eat with the homeless in our city.

A dream of Marshall—the director of Bridgetown—is to have groups of people minister now only under the bridge, but go out into the downtown area and pray for the city each Friday night.

This Friday was the first. I've been on a walk-a-bout before where we take hot chocolate and clean socks to the homeless living in other around downtown. But this prayer walk is "just that" described by Marshall. Praying and walking.

I was in a group of 5 people who walked about 2.5 miles while stopping at 9 pre-chosen locations to pray for 9 specific things:

  1. For the protection of our team.
  2. For the wisdom of the leaders of the city.
  3. For those struggling with addiction.
  4. For racial reconciliation.
  5. For the police of our city.
  6. For the other ministries already happening.
  7. For those listening and preaching false religions.
  8. For those who visit the city to see what God is doing.
  9. For the struggling businesses in the area.
Of course we were encouraged to pray for whatever else we saw or to engage in conversations with people we see as we're walking.

Bridgetown can mobilize up to 80 people right now doing prayer walks that cover downtown. Marshall hopes that this ministry grows. If you've thought about serving with Bridgetown but have shied away at the thought of feeding the homeless, I'd encourage you to go on a prayer walk. Who knows what God will do?!

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  1. Yeah, that is a great idea Marshall has, and I'm glad you got to do it. I heard him say he would eventually like to see 300+ people blanketing the streets of Portland on Friday nights praying over the city. That's an such an awesome vision. I know I'm in next time I go down!