Happy New Year (08)

I hope you had a great New Year's Celebration last night. Alison and I spent it with our friends Justin and Jessica with their daughter Brooklyn, Ali's brother and wife: Patrick & Maria, and later on, our friend David came as well.

We shared great times over the fondue pots of cheese, broth, oil, and chocolate. Mmmm mmmm good! I have never had a fondue experience I didn't like.

After a game of Imagine iff and counting down the year with Dick Clark, we somehow got on the topic of music in the '90s and went on over to VH1's website where they had listed the "greatest" 100 songs in the '90s. (Seriously, how did the Backstreet Boys make it to #3?) After singing through all of them, we made our way home, finally getting some sleep around 2:30.

Now I'm at Ali's parents house, blogging, viewing the snow capped hills to the East and enjoying a fresh cup of French press coffee from Patrick. Coffee is always a plus!

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  1. Aaron, you look so fatherly with Brookllyn!