Happy Birthday Mom

This season of firsts without mom came quick and left in a hurry. Just like the rest of goes on...and fast at that.

Christmas was a special time together with the six of us. Annie and her husband Matt, and Ali and I spent the night over at Dad and AJ's. We shared the usual traditions of snack foods, stockings, presents, fighting over who has to be "Santa." Dad put together some wonderful gifts for us kids: Coloring books made long ago by mom, an ornament with her stocking & picture and a note written in 2001 when she didn't think she'd make it another year.

Sunday January 6th would have been her birthday. So we all joined for a meal and her favorite movie, What's Up Doc?. If you haven't seen it, please do so. It's hysterical!

Christmas begun a new tradition for us. My dad suggested that we pick a candle each year to light at Christmas and her birthday. This year's was a beeswax candle we found at the Portland Farmer's market one cold Saturday afternoon.

I asked dad why he thought that mom didn't write any new updated notes (like the ones given at Christmas) since her last goodbyes. I thought about it and realized that in the last seven years, she lived in a way and said everything that she would have wanted to say. She lived in the open, unashamed, and boldly speaking. She left nothing behind with no regrets. It was a truly beautiful way to move on.


  1. Thanks for sharing about your family. You have made her life a celebration. She has left an amazing legacy in her family!

  2. Aunt Jo1:01 PM

    I love how God gives us smiles and joy, along with tears, in the face of great loss. Loving you all and your mom too.