Fuel Halloween

Last night our high school group had a Halloween celebration.

As you can tell, I'm wearing a bio-hazard suit. I wore this costume about 6 years ago and remembered it was sitting in the supply closet of the youth room. My explanation for the suit was that I had to wear it after someone else used the bathroom.

We had many good times, but one of the funniest moments was watching 4 of our students attempt to eat a donut on a string while wearing a blindfold! The donut would bob and sway, hitting them in the face with its sticky exterior.

Next, we enjoyed a wonderful game of bobbing for gummy worms in Jell-O. :) Yes, disgusting. Even after all that Jell-O on my face, I took second. Each of us had 10 gummy worms in our bowl. By the time our winner found all ten, I had seven. Oh well, next time.

For those that opted out of the costume experience, we provided newspaper, masking tape and a team of people to dress them up right! Pictured here is the winner of the competition. They gave her spikes to make her into Bowser from the Mario Brothers games.

We ended the night discussing our group's new name: Fuel (That post is to come), and what we are passionate about.


  1. You still have that thing? I was with you when you bought it!

  2. looks like you guys had a blast!