My next 10 songs

I have been tagged by Brian to list the next 10 songs that come up on my iPod (or iTunes) on shuffle. Here is what came up:

  • Lonestar – Norah Jones
  • In the bleak midwinter – Justin Ubel
  • Buddy Holly – Weezer
  • Ebay – Weird Al
  • Amsterdam – Coldplay
  • Prepare the way – Charlie Hall
  • Sing for absolution – Muse
  • Broken – Jack Johnson
  • Clarity – John Mayer
  • Kick-off – Relient K
If you're reading...I'm going to tag Justin, Jessica, Dennis, Jon, AJ & Chris.

What came up on your list?

High School Pastor (and some other things as well)

Blogging is great. I love blogging...which is odd for someone who never got above a 'C' in High School English. Maybe I like it because I can write about what I want to write about. (And if I feel like ending a sentence with a preposition, I don't get marked down!)

But sometimes life is just too short for blogging. This past month and change has been a whirlwind for me. From graduating college (yes, the diploma finally came in the mail) to exciting changes in my role at church. But the one thing I haven't blogged about much (if ever) are my parents. The last few weeks have been especially hard as my mom's fight with cancer takes its toll. Though today, you would think that she had the energy of what she had months ago! Praise God! My dad has been a wonderful husband and a great example to me as he's taken much time off of work, even missing Father's day at church to be with his wife.

I guess all that to say, life's been busy...but good.

Now to what the title of my blog suggests:

For the last nine years, I've been serving with the high school group at my church. First as a volunteer, then as an intern and latest as a pastoral assistant to the youth pastor Brian Eberly. After two years of leading the high school group under the guidance and direction of Brian, our church is on the move!

We've been looking for a children's ministry director for a year now and the solution is finally here! Brian will still be the middle school pastor but also shift part of his time to overseeing the entire development of family ministry (birth - 18yrs.). We hired two wonderful women (Keli and Luanne) to direct the younger kids (birth - 5th grade) and I was voted in yesterday as Pastor to High School students.

It is exciting in so many ways.

I believe it was about ten years ago that I first felt the passion and desire to serve in this role. After a few missteps and a lot of guidance and perseverance, that day has arrived. (Although I've been doing what I want to do for years now without the title! :) )

I can't believe that I get to have this role in the church in which I was raised!

I am grateful to Brian for his decision to follow the expanding responsibilities laid in front of him. Had he said no...I'm not sure what my blog would read today. He is a great friend and cares deeply about the students.

In many ways, my job will not change though I will have more responsibility in setting the vision, direction and tone of the ministry and I know that there are many new responsibilities I won't even find out about for a while.

But I am very excited. I work with a great church staff. I serve alongside a great youth staff, and the students I serve are growing and serving in ways I wouldn't have in my own youth.

Want to check out our youth group? Just click here: And if you'd like, feel free to pray for me. I could use it!