Last of the vacation

So its a couple of weeks after the vacation is over, but it has been quite busy, including a bit of a Summer cold. Back to Missoula, during the wedding reception, I walked outside and saw this wonderful sunset. I couldn't believe the lighting!

Here are Ali and I at the wedding. She looked wonderful. :) The reception featured a wonderful dinner and then hours of dancing lasting until midnight.

Finally, after three days in Montana, it was time to head home. Being our second anniversary, we didn't want to spend the day driving eight-and-a-half hours home. So we decided to drive the three hours back to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and spend the night there. It's a small resort town on a beautiful lake just a half-hour outside of Spokane. It was a cloudy day, but we didn't mind. After walking through town and down by the lake, we decided to spend some needed time for rest in the hotel room. They had a CSI and Law & Order marathon on cable, so we enjoyed episodes and naps.

The next day was sunny and beautiful. We ran into Stacey—the bride—and then went on our way back home. Thanks to Alison, I think we've finally cleaned up from our trip and the house is just about back in order.

I am very happy to have been married to Ali for two years, and I know that we've got many more years together. Happy Anniversary hon.

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