The iPod Mystique

I love my iPod. It is a great thing not to have to carry around my CD Library but just a small little device. It helps me block out distractions while I am studying, I can listen to sermons from my favorite preachers (Rob Bell, Erwin McManus, Tony Campolo) on the road, and I can even get just the right play list ready for a youth retreat. Yes, the iPod is quite a nifty device.

But my friend Brian and I were talking about the iPod as a prize. You see, I filled out a survey for my school's Student Ministry department and by doing so have the chance to win one of two iPods. I helped lead some music at another youth group's all-nighter where they raffled off an iPod. At the Youth Specialties conference two years ago, every other booth was giving away a free iPod (probably 50 or more total). Thousands of online adds claim that you can win a free iPod.

Brian mused that no other product in history has ever been used to get us to come to events, fill out surveys, click on a link, and give our address and phone number to strangers more than the iPod has. And all of this in just the last few years! Way to go Apple.

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