Here Kitty Kitty

I thought I'd give you a fun photo journey in a typical day of our cat, "Misty."

No, she's not been partying all night long, but the toilet is her new favorite water dish. Yuck!

Misty enjoys watching the squirrels approach the window.

We have a plastic bin on our back deck which holds various BBQ supplies as well as our extra bird seed and peanuts for the birds and squirrels. One day, we noticed that they had chewed a hole through the top!

Here you can see a squirrel diving in the hole, eating seeds with its tail sticking out.

Sometimes when they reemerge, they have a peanut in their cheek. We just can't believe that with their extra winter weight, that they can fit through the small hole!

As much as I enjoy watching the squirrels, our cat freaks out!

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  1. Great shots! I love the squirrel in the box! Pesky varments!