What a day! Last week, the weather forecasters spent 3 long days predicting doom & gloom snow storms...and nothing. Last night, they began to say that we may see some snow today. Well, 3 1/2 inches later, I think we saw some snow!

Here are a few shots of the day. After relaxing in the morning, Ali, Annie and I walked about a three-quarter-mile to Starbucks and sat outside while drinking our coffee. It was beautiful. We saw cross-country skiers and even a snowboarder pulled by an ATV, all down Capitol Highway!

Afterward, we walked down to the bottom of 30th and watched various cars get stuck driving up the Highway. I just can't believe the timing of this snow. We took the youth group up yesterday for snowboarding and tubing on Mt. Hood. The roads were great, and the skies were clear. Thank God! You can check out Brian's blog for some pictures.

I'd just like to point out that I love snow!


  1. YES a snow day! All we have is sun, sun, and sun!

  2. Poor cat.... we have overcast andsome sun. I wore shorts for a bit today.