A Great Day

I just have to take this time to say what a great day it is and why:

  • I took my last final of the term today and won't head back to school until January 11.
  • I played guitar on Justin & Jessica's 6th Christmas album. (Which you'll be able to hear at a later date).
  • My brother returned from the blogging dead with a great post.

  • So those are my reasons for the great day. How about you?


    1. Aaron, thanks for the props...and the strong work on the album. Please note that I am once again trying to return to the world of blogging. We'll see if it takes this time.

    2. Hello! So, I have a new blog, and I guess I'm trying to spread the word. Come see! Oh, this is Megan Wilson, by the way. I'm still trying to figure out how to get a picture up. See ya!