What a great time of year. I love Thanksgiving and the rain and the beginning thoughts of the first snowfall.

We (in youth group) spent this last Sunday being thankful and realizing how much we are blessed. To help us out, we watched a Rob Bell Nooma DVD entitled Rich. In it he says that he gets tired of seeing all the bumper stickers that say "God bless America." God has blessed America, Rob says.

He goes on to tell us that if the church would practice giving a full 10%, the church would have something like an extra 100 billion dollars. He says that if the church just took 20 billion of that, we could take care of the basic food and water needs of the world. And by the way...20 billion is how much Americans spend a year on ice cream alone!

So we are blessed. I should be thankful. Only 8% of the world has a car. We are rich. So instead of wanting more things, I hope that my attitude changes so that I am completely content and thankful to God who has given me all I have, even my breath.

Happy Thanksgiving. May you see that you are blessed by God who shows compassion and unfailing love.

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