September 11, 2006

I just finished watching the five-hour ABC production, "The Path to 9/11". It brought back the some of the emotion and shock of that day.

I'm sure that this is the moment of our generation where we will always remember where we were, such as previous generations did with Kennedy's assassination.

I remember waking up for work that day, driving in to Costco with a CD in the deck, not listening to the radio. As I walked into Costco at about 11:45am, I was surprised to see many customers—and even managers—standing around the TVs.

I found a co-worker and asked what was happening.

He said, "You don't know?!...terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center. It is sick. Wait 'till they show the towers collapse again."

Towers collapse?

I just wanted to go home and watch the news that day. But instead I found myself selling electronics. Fortunately, most people weren't in the mood to buy electronics...except for one guy. He wanted to know everything there was to know about a new Dish Network TV system. I couldn't believe it! He acted as if this was a normal day!

I wonder how to conclude thoughts on the fifth anniversary of that day. Do I talk about what's happened since? Do I close with a prayer? I know that I'm thankful for the life I have and thank those who gave their lives so I could have mine. I do pray that the families of the victims would find peace if they have not, and learn to trust God.

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