Last Thursday I popped in Jack Johnson's newest album and cranked it on my way down to Multnomah. I was excited because it was a sunny day. I was excited because I got to sleep in. But I was actually excited because I was heading to class.

This is what I hope to be one of my last 2 terms, so I have a certain excitement about finishing the job. Especially since I've never been one to finish well.

So as I am doing my homework, I'll take a break to share with you, my reader...or at least classes:

Career Development: A standard course where we go through the joy of resumes, and a wonderful career match test. I'm actually looking forward to the class.

Creative Classroom Communication: A course that unlike its name, is about teaching in any setting.

Co-operative Problem Solving: Basically learning how to mediate. Very useful!

Well, back to homework. I have a group presentation already this Friday!

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  1. I am excited with you Aaron! It excites me to see where God has brought you and to see what lies ahead in the days to come.

    Keep your eyes on the finish line brother!