Back in the US with China

We made it safely back across the world's busiest land border crossing. We had a great trip. God worked in us and through us. I'll post all about it soon and let you see some pictures too.

But for right now, it's easier to just write a few sentences about our return home. My brother, sister and brother-in-law looked after our cat and place while we were in Mexico. And apparently, so did my parents.

For Christmas, they gave Ali and I a china hutch. But half of it was on order, and then they were going to stain it for us. Well, we got home and both of us noticed that the table in our dining room had been moved.


Then, there it was! The china hutch, stained, well as many other decoration changes in the house.

Thanks mom and dad! (And Annie, Matt & AJ)


  1. welcome home senor!

  2. Wow...what a cool surprise. Very nice!!

  3. That is a really pretty cabinet!

  4. Yeah for parents & siblings