So I last had a tetanus shot when I was 15—that's 12 years ago. Heading to Mexico in just 3 days, I felt the need to re-up my immunity to the fun bacteria.

Because I'm a procrastinator, I didn't get to a 'regular doctor' in time, which forced me to call up the travel clinic. I found out that for the tetanus shot and doctor's visit combined, it would have cost me over $170! Yikes!!!

On the wisdom of my wife who thought there would have to be some kind of county clinic, I called around and found the Multnomah County Health Department. Can you guess how much it cost there? $15. Yup According to my elementary math,

- 15
That's almost as good as Gieco!

Thank you Alison, thank you God.


  1. Those shots hurt. And you should join the military, because then they're free.

  2. Annie5:21 PM

    Ren, you know how we spell our last name (former for me). Well that's how you should start out Gei-co.