A great summer

Out of all the summers in my life, this one has got to be in the top 5. Of course the number one summer would be the last one, in which I became officially and legally taken. Oh, if only I could have another honeymoon to relax and vacate! The summer at Camp Harlow, on the road with family, and when Ali and I went to the Bay Area make the list as well.

But this summer has been great, and it's still going!

Alison & I celebrated our 1 year anniversary! I am so glad that she is my wife! We celebrated by going to McMenamins Edgefield out in Troutdale, and then up to Larch Mountain for an amazing view of Mt. Hood and the Columbia Gorge. You can see the pictures here.

Four weeks ago I got to be a groomsmen in my brother-in-law's wedding. It was an awesome weekend as I added more people to my family.

Since then, it has been major prep time for my sister's wedding. While I didn't do nearly as much as Annie, mom, or dad, it was busy! From putting in/fixing walkways in the front yard to helping build benches and setting up for the wedding itself...whew!

The rehearsal dinner was out at Ponzi Vineyards which has Oregon's oldest grapevines. Besides the usual dinner and hang out time you find with a rehearsal dinner, we enjoyed a wine tasting tour, bocce ball, and a deer wandering the vineyards! Good times.

The wedding was wonderful! I've got a copy of the audio, and listen to the prelude music - that my Uncle John played - while at work. AJ and I got to play Be Thou My Vision, which was an honor. I'm glad to have Matt as a brother now. He and Annie are great together.

But one of the coolest parts about the wedding was that all of my mom's relatives were able to come into town! Being scattered across the country - and at times the world - we don't get to see them often. So it was a great joy to spend days and weeks with them.

Just this past Tuesday, our youth group went white water rafting on the Deschutes river in Maupin, OR. We had a blast! It wasn't too hot to where it was uncomfortable, but hot enough to make the frigid water refreshing. One of the highlights is the "swimmer's rapids," where you can actually get out of the raft and ride the rapids in your life jacket. The rapids form here not from rocks in the river bed, but a narrowing of the river. Always a blast, and face full of water, the most impressive part was that all 21 members of our group floated the rapid! I have never seen that happen before!

Tomorrow our church and Bridgetown are hosting a BBQ for the neighboring apartments. I admit that I am nervous and excited. I am excited and praying that this would be a big chance for people to see God's love.

Well, Ali and I head off for Mexico next Thursday. I can't wait!!! Training started today, which we began with authentic Mexican pastries from the local panderia. Please check out the web site so you know where we are and how to pray for us.

Hope your summer is going great as well!



  1. Let the good times roll my friend!

  2. Why didn't the summer of 2000 make the list? That was the first first of five summers that were roommates. There was so much excitement that summer. Some of the best memories from that summer are: Anthony asking Amy out (the girl I was interested in at the time), Dustin becoming Brad Jr, the duck being the duck, chris doing laundry at our house every weekend, getting in trouble with our landlord for not mowing the lawn and the beginning of our nighly trips to safeway.

  3. I agree. Any summer I lived with the guys was a great one. Each one had their own highlights...some can be discussed on a blog and some cannot.

    Maybe I'll do a top 5 road trips post.

    The trip to Arizona would make that list for sure. Steve's Camry. The brights, the tailpipe...oh man, good times.

  4. Where are the wedding pictures?!

  5. I agree with Chris, where are the wedding pictures on your blog site MR. Are you stopping in LA or should I just wave to you from the I5 and the Valleyview Bridge???

  6. of course the first time you are in Whittier we are playing grandma and grandpa. But we will be back on your way home where are you staying in Whittier?