Dental Irritation

I have bad teeth—I am ashamed to say...but I have a great dentist, Alison's Uncle. God has sure provided for me in that area with great dental care from him. By the way, if you're in the Newberg area and need a dentist, talk to me.

Friday I had the wonderful experience of getting 5 crowns. That's right, 4 hours of fun in the chair, mouth open wide, numbed up for hours. Besides the occasional gagging, it really wasn't that bad. In fact I almost drifted off to sleep while they were making the temporary crowns!

At the dentist's office, there is satellite TV in every room, so I watched a little of the Tour De France, followed by war coverage on CNN.

The worst part of the whole day was the new annoying commercial for "Head-on." It's too annoying to actually be on my blog, but I'll put the link here. The gal in the commercial says, "Head-on—apply directly to the forehead." 3 times in a row in a very irritating tone of voice. The worst part was that I saw this commercial about 9 times during my 4 hour visit. Ugh.

While the Head-on product is stuck in my head, their advertisers have persuaded me to stick with Advil©.


  1. This post brings back memories of your daily trips to the dentist back in the good old days.

  2. Thanks for the lovely story. As you can imagine, I especially enjoyed every minute of it.

  3. Yeah, I thought of you while writing.