B-town Kids

In the words of U2, It's a beautiful day...or at least it was.

At a high of 80 on the Fahrenheit scale today, it's supposed to rise 10 degrees per day the next 2 days, topping at 102—or so. I know I shouldn't complain, the rest of the country has had the heat already, and now it's our turn. I guess it's back to putting the air conditioner in the back door and letting the spiders crawl over our walls.

Like I said in my post yesterday, our youth group got the chance to participate in a church-wide outreach time to the local neighborhood.

After meeting and praying, we set up tables with lemonade, chips, cookies and the fixins' for burgers. B-town Kids set up shop on our sloped lawn and I got to play dodge ball with a few of the neighbor kids.

After game time, B-town had sno cones, some fun songs, up-front games, and then a short message that sin is gross. It was a great time, and I think a few neighbors are even going to come this Sunday. You never know.

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