Seniors '06

If only this was a post about me graduating...ah, the day will come.

Tuesday, two of the graduated Senior girls in our youth group stopped by church to say hi. We talked for a bit and then they left. Somewhat to my surprise, they drove by my office window about 30 minutes later saying goodbye.


Just a while after that, Brian walked out of his office to come over my building for a coffee warmer. He discovered that we had been hit!

Those girls!

I will miss them and the other seniors from the group. They have been a great class. They've gone through some tough times together, led the group well, and continue to follow Christ closer each day.

Thanks all you seniors for the good times!

Oh, by the way, this is my new car. A black 1998 Subaru Legacy GT wagon. Oh yeah baby.


  1. It feels good to be loved :) Nice car.

  2. I echo my mom--nice car, and nice girls. High five to them for their plotting.