Summer's a Comin' can close your mouth and pick your jaw off the floor. Yes, I am blogging again. And unlike my friend Jessica, I don't need to apologize for my blogging absence. ;) But seriously, I'm sorry. Just kidding. But seriously, I'm sorry.

What could I say about the last month? Wow. Busy. It was the end of the school term for me, which meant two long papers and exams. But before I get back into posting again, I leave you with a bit of laughter for the day. (or at my blogging rate...a month!)



  1. Welcome back Aaron!

    Something tells me that guy is not going to be enjoying his summer as much are you are! Ouch!!

  2. It's about about time!!!!

  3. I agree with Dennis--I kind of check your blog out of some random habit, and did a double-take when I didn't see "Suffering" as the first post. I thought you might be dead. Or enjoying your new car that we still haven't seen.

  4. YEAH your alive :)

  5. What you didn't tell us is that is you on the diving board, Huh? :) I have sort of been with out internet for a while, so I am glad to see that I didn't really miss anything! Goodness, you are turning into AJ. So, maybe another funny video next month? I hope all is well with you and Ali. And the cat.