First of all, I got a new car yesterday. I'll post about that tomorrow with pictures and story. Thank you for your prayers!

Last night at our High School 2W2 - Second Wednesday Worship - we spent the night reflecting on the suffering of Jesus. Good Friday is tomorrow, the day that Jesus was beaten and hung on a cross to give God glory and to pay for our rebellious ways.

We watched part of The Passion of the Christ, read scripture, and sang songs that reminded us of the suffering He endured for us.

After remebering and thanking Him for His suffering, we spent time seeking forgiveness, while listening to "Mighty is the Power of the Cross" by Chris Tomlin. Beautiful words. Our group then came together as a community to take communion, remembering His sacrifice again.

Then we looked at 1 Peter 3, where we are told to not worry if suffering comes to us, but to keep on doing good. We asked the question: What good could you begin doing that might result in suffering? If you're like me, sometimes we stay away from doing the good or right thing because of the suffering, ridicule, or pain it may cause.

I don't like suffering. Jesus doesn't call us seek suffering, but to not stop doing good because of suffering. He does, however, call us to die daily to ourselves...hmm...maybe He does call us to suffer.

It was a wonderful time...refreshing. It helped me take my eyes off myself and remember that it is all about Him.

I hope you have a great Easter, and remember why we celebrate!


  1. What a great night that was, full of powerful reminders.

    May we never forget His sufferings. May we never be afraid to face them ourselves.

  2. Great job singing in church today! You rocked!

  3. Easter was wonderful wasn't it!

  4. We were promised new car pictures...?

  5. I'd give up on that right about now ;).