Full circle

I drove up the long winding road on Mt. Sylvan to the PCC (Portland Community College) Bookstore today to purchase a couple books for an online course in reading drama. It would have been music theory if they would offer it online, but...oh well. I can learn that on my own.

It was just a short 8 1/2 years ago ;) that my Dad and I drove up to PCC for the orientation to college. (And yes Chris, I know some people that go to school for so long are called doctors.) 8 1/2 years, 3 schools, a change of majors, failed classes, a marriage, 4 moving days (turned into weeks), 2 jobs, and much learned later...I return. I return to finish up a series in literature. English 104, 105, and 106: Fiction, drama and poetry. Fiction was full, so I chose drama.

I can say that I would make better choices when it came to going to class or not, and putting forth my best work, but I am still pleased at where I am now. I have a wonderful wife, a great job where I humbly get to try to help people follow the direction of Jesus.

I still have a lot to learn, but look forward to ending the vast monetary spending for education. (But no, I do not look forward to paying back that money!)


  1. Don't worry, Aaron, God has exacted His revenge for my years of comments & poking fun--my husband should graduate this year (with a similar story) at age 31. And, of course, I'm helping pay for it.

  2. Aaron, I resemble your story...I remember going up to PCC, my fifth college at the time, to wrap up the math element: I took Math for Elementary School consisted of playing with blocks and strips of blocks...I think I learned more in that one series than many others....I like to say I was busy squeezing 4 years into 6....Well done brother.

  3. Rock on Aaron! Education should never stop, and it really doesn't matter when they hand you that worthless piece of paper I can't even find anymore.

  4. I went to 3 colleges, failed a class, 3 D-'s and 3 D's, put on academic probation 3 times changed my major twice and it still only took me 4 1/2 years to graduate!

    You know if you keep on taking classes until you die you'll never have to pay back those student loans. So I'm thinking you could go for a second bachelors which I estimate will take you another 6 years, then go for a masters or 2 which should take you another six years for each of those and then double up on those PHD's at 16 years a piece. That will make it another 50 years before you'd even have to think about repaying those loans. If you are still alive and kicking at that point you could think about retaking that weight class you failed a few years back. You'd be in your mid 70's at that point and if that doesn't put you down for the count, you can live off social security (if it's still there) for your final days and just not pay the loans back because Social Security can't be garnished.

  5. Good idea, but I'll pass