CSI: Portland

First of all, I am okay, I thank God that I am alive and walking around!

On the way to Fred Meyer to buy toilet paper and ice cream after youth group on Wednesday night, I was in an accident. A not so good accident...a head on collision. It went something like this: (Scroll below for pictures)

I was driving in the left lane heading North and there was a guy behind me in the right lane. There was a car heading South in her left lane. She had her left-turn light on and begun to turn left into my lane. I was going 35-40 and realized that she wasn't slowing down or turning away so I slammed on my brakes.

All I remember was seeing that we were going to hit, and hit hard...then I'm rolling forward and my ears are ringing. I see that I'm rolling slowly toward the curb now so I hit my brakes again and stop.

I look around. I'm starting to hear okay again. Something smells really bad. What is that? Woah! Is that my air bag?! Check my teeth, my face...hmm my nose is bleeding a little. Arms? Yeah they move, legs? Yup, them too. Okay. Thank you God that I am alive and don't seem to be too hurt!

I look around and see the gal's car now turned 180 degrees toward the North. I better get out I think. I walk over to their car. She and her passenger are moving around and look alive.

When they hit me, they shoved my car into the right lane and I hit the guy who was behind me and to the right. He also seems to be moving around just fine.

So I go back to the gal's car and ask if they are okay. They don't really say much but look hurt. I call 911 and within 40 seconds, there was a police officer there. The ambulance came next.

I called Alison and told her I was okay, but had been in an accident. She asked where and I told her just to keep can't miss an ambulance and 3 police cars.

After we were all checked out I walked the crime scene. I looked at the skid marks, thinking about CSI and how they would investigate. You can clearly see my straight skid marks in my lane suddenly jetting off at a 45 degree angle at the point of impact.

Then I noticed somebody's windshield laying on the street. No way! Somebody's windshield popped out?! I walked back to my car and realized it was mine as I put my hand through where it used to be!

So two days later, I still have a sore neck and nose from where the airbag hit me. And now I'm looking for a new car. The other driver's insurance company claimed responsibility so there has been no hassle in dealing with them. In fact, if I ever leave Country Insurance, I'll take a look at Progressive.

It was just a car. But it's no fun having to shop around again. I am most thankful that I am alive.
One final note, I realized how much of a blogging nerd I am with this accident. Here was the order of events:

Crash, Thank God I was alive, get out and check on other people, call 911, call Alison, think about how to get a camera to post the scene on my blog....

These were taken the next day at the towing yard.

The Front End

Safety Equipment is Good

My new "See-through" hood

Side View

Probably not going to work real soon

My removable windshield


  1. sounds like you had a lot of fun at freddies. it almost looks like a NASCAR werck "and Aaron Geist is pulling into freddies, OOOOOOOOOOOH wreck in the intercetion!!! he suddenly made contact with another driver. his car is shortened by alot and it liiks like he took a good licking. he appears to be moving. he is now getting out of his car to check on the other drivers, not even noticing that his own car is missing a windshield. the other drivers seem hurt but are moving. this one will take a while to clear up."

  2. Be patient with your neck. Get an x ray. I chipped a vertebrae and did not know it until a year later when I had an x ray.
    -Stephen's DAD

  3. at lest you know your airbag worked

  4. Aaron, I'm so thankful you are okay. God is good all the time no matter what. Please next time don't tell me about the photos cuz I looked at them before I read the article. I had a much different picture of you after looking at the pictures than reading the article. Hugs to you.

  5. Aaron, I'm glad you're alive after that wreck! Wow. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Yes, of course I remember you, but it's been so long I don't know if I would recognize you. I was looking for a picture of you and your wife. I'll check your archives. Congratulations on your marriage!

  6. Wow, glad that you're ok. Good luck on finding a new car

  7. Yikes, I'm glad you're okay, too. You know you just secretly wanted a new car. And apparently a nose job.

  8. Aaron,
    I love it that thinking about how you were going to blog this came in the order of events that it did. Everyones OK, call 911, Alision, OK how am I going to blog this. Seems like healthy priorities to me.
    We are very grateful you are OK!

  9. Dude, where's your car?

    Man! you can take a hit. Lesseeee... you were going about 40, and the other car was going about 40, so that's like hitting a brick wall at, uh... more than 40.

    You're lucky to be alive! I'm glad to read that you made it out in one piece, and with so little personal damage.

    Oh, and there's a little tiny bit of air-bag in your teeth.

  10. When you called to tell me of your accident, you started it with the same calm and pleasant voice that you used the OTHER two times you have had a car accident: You started it with, "Hey Mom, I'm okay..."

    Cutting to the chase is not always good for story-telling, but it is GREAT for mother-telling. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

    Your story and photos relate a tale that I hope won't be repeated in your lifetime...but there WERE those other two times......and THOSE weren't your fault either! Sigh...this could get a little discouraging, if I didn't know you better.

    Can't believe you forgot to mention that you had just finished paying for the car the week or so before!

    By the way, you could have stopped by here on the way home from youth group and grabbed some TP. I think we still have a bag of it from the last TP job someone in the youth group did on our front yard!

    Will look forward to riding in your next car.

  11. Dude...

    Your mom just ratted you out on two other accidents, and told the world you can drop by anytime for toilet paper...

    And I thought the accident was bad.

    No mercy!

  12. What are mothers for!?

  13. grounding and putting annoying boundries on us

  14. Aw, come on Stephen. Your mom loves you.

  15. wow Aaron, I am glad to hear you are ok.

    You taking classes in the fall?

  16. Grant Wartnik4:11 PM

    Wow! Glad your accident wasn't worse Aaron.