So glad for glad for it to be over

I'm closing in on the end of school for me. Its been a 7 year process, changing majors, changing schools, and all the while growing in maturity (hopefully). I must say that I am thankful for the opportunity to incur debt so that I can go to school and learn the things I do. I imagine that one day, I'll go back at least to audit courses. I love to learn!

On the other hand, I can't wait to be done! Oh how nice it will be to sit down and read a book because I want to do so, and not because it is required reading. I don't even know what I will do when I get home from work. Clean the house? Create web sites? Read books and books and books? Actually hang out with my friends and family?

Wow! What a day it will be!


  1. Annie Geist9:02 PM

    Ren, will you graduate this year? Maybe we could have our graduation be a joint affair--and we could tack on a bridal shower :)

  2. Annie Geist9:03 PM

    graduation party, I meant.

  3. i love graduating, too. i also love work that has no homework (don't become a teacher).

  4. Good job on the seven year plan

  5. Annie: If you mean December.
    Chris: I'm not a teacher, but sometimes youth group comes home.
    Dennis: * no comment *

  6. Aunt Jo1:13 PM

    I STILL have dreams about NOT having graduated, (and in reality, I did do so almost 30 years ago, but it took ME six years) or of being late for class or of not being able to find the classroom or of not having done my work for a particular class... Yikes! When will it end!
    Glad your end is in sight...and may you not have any dreams about it afterwards! :-)

  7. Tommy: Lots of people go to school for seven years
    Richard: Yeah, they're called doctors.

    Don't worry, my husband has been in school MUCH longer than you. Granted, he has twice as many credits, but he, too, will graduate this year.

  8. yayyy!! i was thinking that maybe i'd graduate before you!

  9. aaron, i'm bored of this post. can you post a new one?