New Post

Okay, I'll post again, but only because Jessica asked. ;)

Its been a busy fun week(end). On top of the usual schoolwork, Friday night, the Ubels came over for dinner and a movie. My wife made pot roast...mmm...and I made cookies. We watched Walk the Line which makes me want to watch it again with guitar in hand. We had a great night.

Saturday brought Alison's college roomates into town. We shared meals and the gals went shopping. Good times.

I finally got to do something I haven't done since December. Go to Starbucks and read a book. I just finished reading The Search to Belong by Joseph Myers (it's on my sidebar). He has some wonderful things to say about relationships and small groups.

He believes that we put way too much emphasis on small groups, making them the only way...the ultamite way to connect within the body of Christ. He proposes that we need to have relationships in harmony in 4 different "spaces":

  • Public - This space is where something common brings us together, such as a sports team.
  • Social - This space is where we gather together and know each other just a bit more than aquantences, we know each other, but don't share a lot of personal details.
  • Personal - This space are the people that we share most of our lives with. They are "close" friends.
  • Intimate - This doesn't mean just physically intimate. This means that we share "naked" raw, thoughts, feelings, (sometimes physical, i.e. your spouse) and are unashamed.
His view of a healthy person is someone that approxamatly has 8 Public to 4 Social to 2 Personal to 1 Intimate relationship.

He says that it is ridiculous that we try to move ourselves and everybody else into personal relationships, when we need many social and public relationships to be healthy, and sense belonging. was a good read. If you lead small groups, or are interested in one man's view of relational studies, read this book.

Next up...Fiction. I haven't read fiction in over 5 years. I'm going to read The Davinci Code, and yes, I still believe that Jesus is God. I'll let you know what I think of that one when I'm done. (which will be another year at the rate I'm going!)


  1. yeah the da vinci code! it has got to be my favorite book. You'll like it. very suspenseful.

  2. good post, aaron. lots going on. the book sounds interesting too! And thanks for dinner fri--it was great. let's do it again sometime . . . soon.

  3. It'll only take you a year to get through the Davinci Code? Your reading too fast! I've been reading a book about Abraham Lincoln for almost three years now and I'm only a third of the way done. I'm on pace to finish it in 2012 but if I get married between now an then it will probably 2018 before I finish it, but I will finish it!!

  4. i LOVE the da vinci code. yeah. we already talked about this, but seriously, aaron. you've finished it already, right? it's so addicting. my goodness. i was obsessed. i'm reading Angels and Demons right now, which, is like, the same book. but this is more science-y.
    and i love science. (i got 111.7% on my chem final. that's not healthy.) so it's really good.
    and yes i still believe Jesus is God too!
    but it got me all curious about Gnostics and the Masons and stuff, so now i have to look everything up.

    yay for the information age.