Invisible Children

I know its been a while since I've posted. I'm finally on Spring Break and so excited! There is so much I could talk about. I recently watched Crash, which brought up many racial issues. It makes you seriously question (if you haven't already) whether or not racism is dead. (Obvious answer: no.) What makes it good though is that the movie makes you think about the little ways you might show racism in everyday life. I can't recommend the movie "officially" on account of language, but it was a good watch.

Now to other important matters. On Thursday, I had the privilege(?) of watching the movie Invisible Children. It highlights a major problem going on in the Sudan and Uganda.

After 17 years of war in the Sudan, the people have become weary of the fight. Consequently, people are no longer joining the rebel group trying to take down the government. Because of this, the rebel army has gone into Uganda and abducted children ages 5-12. The rebels kill some of the children, mame others, and force the rest to begin killing people themselves. The children become brainwashed into anger, fear, and a life of killing.

Because of the fear of abduction, thousands of children from the small towns and tribes walk miles into the cities each night so that they can find safety and shelter. After their sleep, they walk home the next morning to continue life.

I can't describe the sickening feeling I had after seeing the terrible injustice that is taking place. There are ways to help, which are listed on the web site. I've posted the movie trailer too in case you want to watch.

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  1. have you seen The Constant Gardener? I completely recommend that movie if you want to learn more about injustice.