Okay, so the book didn't take that long to read. Between staying up late one night, and using one of my 'cuts' the next day at school, I finished The DaVinci Code. I got to say. I enjoy fiction. Its been years since my last fiction. Not bad.

Besides obvious heresy (of which I've pretty much heard before), it was a great book...very suspensful. On the recommendation of a few, I might read his other book, Angels and Demons. But definitely not until the school term is over.

On a different note. It was March 9 yesterday, and it snowed! It snowed 2 inches up at my house. I was so excited that I forgot to bring one of my books with me yesterday! There's nothing better than watching snow fall, which I got to do all day. I also smiled at youth group as the mid schoolers erupted with cheers of snow when the night was over.


  1. yayyyyyyy.
    great post. davinci code + snow = wonderful.
    so good.
    i'm reading angels and demons right now.
    it makes me want to be a physicist/chemist.
    but anyways.
    happy day!


  2. I read DVC two Christmases ago. My wife gave it to me as a gift, and I was finished the next day, which says something about how exciting the book is, and a few things about my Christmas as well. I bought A&D the following week (on and read it enthusiastically, too.

    Being 90% correct on factual items doesn't make the point of the book(s) any more true than that because my lungs are 90% water they are "this close to being a cloud."

    Great, well-written, exciting, page-turning misguided fiction.