Valentines & Mexico

I'm sure there are many other blogs from guys that rant on Valentines Day, so I'll be brief so that you'll graciously read the section on Mexico.

Why is Valentine's Day such a big deal?

Done with my rant.

Our Youth Group is going to Mexico in the beginning of August! I am so excited to go back and see what God will do through and in us.

But Aaron, you say, it is only February. Why do write about such things so far off in the future?

Well, I say, it is because I just finished putting the 2006 Mission Trip website together.

Ahhhhhh, the reply comes.

Check it out.


  1. Good work on the website. I'm heading down to Mexico with my youth group in March.

    Oh by the way i do have brief thought about valentines day on my blog

  2. Valentine's Day is important because it's at least one day a year that is a national reminder to buy your wife flowers.

  3. Yes, but do they celebrate Valentine's Day in Mexico?

    Thanks for your good work on the site Aaron!

  4. adding to chris' comment. . . & Moonstruck chocolate. duh.