Good Sex

Yes, that's right. We talked about sex at youth group tonight. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, last week I gave an impromptu sex discussion. Always a good time.

fortunately, Reality Unlimited came tonight. (My blog title was stolen from some of their info.) They are a division of Pregnancy Resource Centers (at least in Portland.)

They speak about the physical and emotional effects of sex outside of marriage, definitions of sex and virginity, address issues of pleasure, peer pressure, reputation, experience, and expectations in a relevant, fun way.

I highly recommend them! Quote of the night:

Cinderella didn't have to take her dress off to win her prince.


  1. okay. you caught me a bit off guard with the title. nice. btw, did you see the limmerick i posted for you on my blog?

  2. I do love that quote. I also was thrown off by the title of the post.

  3. The title of your post shocked me for a sec.