Day of Snowboarding

It was a beautiful morning up at Mt. Hood. There might be nothing better than standing on top of a beautiful mountian, looking out over all of creation...then ripping down the same mountian on a snowboard.

Justin, Dennis and I had a great time. But the afternoon became dreary as clouds, wind, and ice pellets made our cheeks freeze.

I've posted the photo album here. You can check out two movies I shot below. The first is of me snowboarding down one of the main runs (about 30 sec.) and the second includes my face (about 6 sec.)


  1. Cool videos! Would have been interesting to watch if you wiped out! Glad you didn't though.

    Couldn't open the photo album though.

  2. My only fall of the day was exiting the lift landing on the first time up.

  3. Pictures......stunning!