30 Hour Famine

Prayer Request and world hunger alert: I won't go into many details, but 29,000 children die each day due to hunger related causes. That is a great big huge gigantic number! It is easy to sit back and say what can I do?

But this weekend, millions of youth in America, and across the world will participate in the 30 Hour Famine, like our youth group.

We are fasting from 12 pm today until 6 pm tomorrow night. We are fasting to experience a little bit of what it feels like to have no food in our bellys. (Although we at least have the hope of knowing that our next meal is soon to be!) We're also fasting to seek God's help, and direction in our own lives so that we might respond correctly and compassionately. We are also fasting so that people would see the need and donate.

If 29,000 children dying every day bothers you, consider saving at least one. Sponsor a child through World Vision or Compassion International. If you can't afford to spend $32 a month for sponsorship, consider making a one time donation through the One Life Revolution, where you can buy 2 goats so that a family can have milk, and a source of income, along with many other items.

Pray for us this weekend. Pray that God would speak to us and to our Nation.

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