30 Hour Famine

Prayer Request and world hunger alert: I won't go into many details, but 29,000 children die each day due to hunger related causes. That is a great big huge gigantic number! It is easy to sit back and say what can I do?

But this weekend, millions of youth in America, and across the world will participate in the 30 Hour Famine, like our youth group.

We are fasting from 12 pm today until 6 pm tomorrow night. We are fasting to experience a little bit of what it feels like to have no food in our bellys. (Although we at least have the hope of knowing that our next meal is soon to be!) We're also fasting to seek God's help, and direction in our own lives so that we might respond correctly and compassionately. We are also fasting so that people would see the need and donate.

If 29,000 children dying every day bothers you, consider saving at least one. Sponsor a child through World Vision or Compassion International. If you can't afford to spend $32 a month for sponsorship, consider making a one time donation through the One Life Revolution, where you can buy 2 goats so that a family can have milk, and a source of income, along with many other items.

Pray for us this weekend. Pray that God would speak to us and to our Nation.


Good Sex

Yes, that's right. We talked about sex at youth group tonight. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, last week I gave an impromptu sex discussion. Always a good time.

fortunately, Reality Unlimited came tonight. (My blog title was stolen from some of their info.) They are a division of Pregnancy Resource Centers (at least in Portland.)

They speak about the physical and emotional effects of sex outside of marriage, definitions of sex and virginity, address issues of pleasure, peer pressure, reputation, experience, and expectations in a relevant, fun way.

I highly recommend them! Quote of the night:

Cinderella didn't have to take her dress off to win her prince.

Welcome YS Readers

Welcome to all you YS Newsletter Subscribers. I am a 'Ministry Assistant' to the great Brian Eberly, who gets to work with youth, lead singing (worship if you prefer), and generally enjoy life!

I'm married to a beautiful woman, Alison, and the rest is on my blog. I've pulled out a few posts for you...these aren't a best of, but a sampling of what I'm thinking...

Welcome to my blog! Drop me a comment, or tell me about your blog.

About me:

Thoughts on scripture and life:


Day of Snowboarding

It was a beautiful morning up at Mt. Hood. There might be nothing better than standing on top of a beautiful mountian, looking out over all of creation...then ripping down the same mountian on a snowboard.

Justin, Dennis and I had a great time. But the afternoon became dreary as clouds, wind, and ice pellets made our cheeks freeze.

I've posted the photo album here. You can check out two movies I shot below. The first is of me snowboarding down one of the main runs (about 30 sec.) and the second includes my face (about 6 sec.)


New Template & the Freeze

First, if you're a regular or a semi-regular at my blog, (Notice that I specified the indefinite article, therefore not possibly referring to the state of your intestines), then you will notice my "new look." It really isn't that different, but none-the-less different.

Second, I am so excited because I'm going snowboarding tomorrow with my friends Justin & Dennis. It's a good thing that we didn't go yesterday...wind-chill factor was -15!!!


Valentines & Mexico

I'm sure there are many other blogs from guys that rant on Valentines Day, so I'll be brief so that you'll graciously read the section on Mexico.

Why is Valentine's Day such a big deal?

Done with my rant.

Our Youth Group is going to Mexico in the beginning of August! I am so excited to go back and see what God will do through and in us.

But Aaron, you say, it is only February. Why do write about such things so far off in the future?

Well, I say, it is because I just finished putting the 2006 Mission Trip website together.

Ahhhhhh, the reply comes.

Check it out.


2 Thoughts - totally unrelated

Thought 1
We had a great night at Youth group. We had our Second Wednesday Worship (2W2), where we spend the evening worshipping and learning through different experiences such as singing, praying, silence, writing, painting, and scripture reading.

This month's theme was Thanksgiving...that's right, its not just for turkey. It was a time to remember all the things we are thankful for, such as God, His character and what He's all the things (not necessarily just material) He has blessed us with. We then asked the question, what should we do with our thanks. That question was answered from 2 Corinthians 9, where God's blessings to one people, resulted in thanksgiving to God, giving to the needy, and thanksgiving from the needy to God.

Our blessings should produce thanks...which should produce...more thanks!

I have so much to be thankful for. A roof over my head, a job, plenty of food, a beautiful wife! An awesome family, a gracious school, functioning limbs that can play a guitar.

Thank you God!

Thought 2
Again...totally unrelated...and not for the squeamish, but did I hear the sideline reporter at the Superbowl say that they had to hold up towels around a player so that they could "pull his pants down and tape up his groin." ???



Many (Random) Thoughts

  • Its been another long week...and I get the feeling that they're not getting shorter.
  • I spent Thursday night and Friday day fixing a dead battery. In that process, I broke a screwdriver, made multiple trips to Les Schwab (Tigard & Sherwood), and missed class.
  • After two months of torrential downpour, we're having a week full of sunshine and 60 degree weather!
  • I have an awesome wife, who indulges my cravings for 24. I am only 2 episodes behind tonight's showing.
  • There were some horrible calls made by the refs in the Superbowl.
  • My group project partners and I all own the exact same NIV Italian Duo-Tone leather Black/Grey compact Bibles. Scary!
  • Leading worship using music might be the coolest thing ever. Thank you God!
  • I'm glad that God has a good idea of how to speak through me (when I don't).
  • I am thankful for God's grace. I love that song, Your grace is enough. Man, if God's grace isn't enough for me...then we're all doomed!
  • There's a laptop on for $900 that I desire.
  • My brother (who turned 21 last Wed.) liked beer on his first try. It took me 6 months.
  • My car loan and credit cards should be paid off pretty soon!
That's been my week. I can't wait to see what happens this week. Hopefully I'll actually blog before next Tuesday!


Happy Birthday Bro

I want to wish a very happy birthday to my brother AJ (Andrew), who turns 21 today February 1st.

He is an awesome brother, great guitar player, absolutely fabulous drummer, has a humble heart for leading worship, loves his family and now his in-laws, My wife, and Annie's soon to be husband very much, and is also a great thinker, using his mind and heart to follow Christ.

Stop on by his blog and wish him a happy birthday!

He's the one "drinking" the de-icer